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Speed of Service
Speed of service is the key requirement when choosing the proper software solution for your Quick Service restaurant. POS Fire's unique ability to model your restaurant’s order taking procedures ensures orders are entered as quickly and accurately as possible. Custom screen layouts, high speed credit card processing, packaged commands and countdown items are just a few of the many features within Focus that increase speed of service

Auditing & Control 

Control and auditing functionality within a point of sale is critical for delivery restaurants. Numerous control and auditing features within ValueTran ensure accountability is maintained throughout each step of the delivery process. Customer Qualifiers, Fast Return of Drivers, Drops and Customer Labels are a few of the critical audit and control features within POS Fire Delivery.


Dispatching drivers to delivery orders is a key feature in POS Fire Delivery. Dispatchers can assign drivers during peak times, while in slower times drivers can be allowed to self-assign delivery orders. The length of time drivers have been dispatched en route is prominently displayed on the dispatch screen. The number of orders each driver has delivered can also be viewed for drivers currently not en route. Additionally, checks can be viewed, edited and printed directly from the dispatch screen. Some of the key dispatching capabilities include driver rotation, delivery zones, online maps, delivery confirmation and automatic printing of assigned orders

Inventory Control 

POS Fire comes with basic inventory controls to help calculate the number of items sold, food costs and countdown items. The optional Inventory Module has greater functionality and is used to further control inventory costs. Recipes can be created for each inventoried menu item to calculate the ideal food cost. Invoices and inventories can be entered into POS Fire to calculate the variance on the Usage Analysis Report. The Inventory On-Hand Report uses real-time sales information to calculate on-hand inventory counts. The Inventory Reorder Report uses par levels and minimum purchases to determine the products that need to be ordered.


Sales, labor, item counts, inventory, sales contest and daily reports are just a few of the many reports built into Focus Reporting. Unlimited data can be retained for historical reporting. Reports can be e-mailed or sent via text message at specified times or intervals throughout the day. Reports can also be setup to import into QuickBooks.

Labor Scheduling

Labor Scheduling is a highly sophisticated management tool used to control and manage labor costs in the restaurant. Using forecasted or historical projected sales, actual labor cost and labor percentages may be modeled with ease. Reusable schedules can be created for the standard work week with assigned employees. Templates can be created with detailed jobs and shifts specified according to predefined labor goals. Prior year sales automatically roll forward to assist in the development of the current schedule. Special events and seasonal schedules such as Administrative Professionals Week or Winter Hours can be named and saved for reuse each year.

Customer Loyalty

POS Fire Customer Loyalty encourages repeat business by awarding customers coupons, discounts and instant rewards after specific items are purchased. POS Fire Customer Loyalty keeps your customers coming back to your restaurant (not your competitors) again and again, and entices new customers to become loyal repeat customers. Instant Discounts, Bonus Discounts and Bonus Coupons can be given after pre-defined point levels have been reached. POS Fire Customer Loyalty can also be used as a powerful marketing tool. E-mail and mailing lists can be generated based on the following customer criteria: city, zip code, birth date, anniversary date, first visit, last visit, number of orders, cumulative sales amount, check average, sales by date range, points awarded, coupons redeemed and discounts earned.

Gift Cards

The electronic gift card concept is quickly becoming the medium of choice for retailers across the country. Among the significant reasons are: No cash back (value remaining after partial redemption stays on the card, ensuring additional opportunities to solidify the customer relationship or retain funds) and real time data capture (virtually eliminates both the losses associated with paper gift certificates and costly tracking and accounting). Gift card transactions are processed in real time and may be used immediately after activation. Electronic gift cards are convenient (carried in wallet with other plastics), secure (cannot be photocopied) and as a branded "billboard in a wallet" establishes the merchant as the destination. With POS Fire Gift Cards, a merchant will gain more name recognition and exposure in the marketplace, further widening its existing customer base.

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