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​POS Solutions

POSfire is the culmination of over thirty combined years of vast experience in the restaurant environment, providing exceptional software & hardware to compliment any hospitality business model. Coupling technology with restaurateurs' long term business goals, POSfire adds value to every aspect of managing a restaurant, through the productivity and operational effectiveness achieved by reducing mean time to deployment, reducing resource investments and reducing operating costs. Taking every detail of the hospitality industry into consideration, POSfire is designed to make our customers' lives more efficient. POSfire has everything you need to be more competitive, increase profits, and enhance your customer service.

Table Service

POSfire Table Service is designed to reduce training time, increase profits and control labor costs. Features such as Table Management, Inventory Control, Reporting, Labor Scheduling, Customer Loyalty, Gift Cards & much more help manage and control operations to ensure your restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

​Quick Service

​POSfire for Counter and Quick Service allows employees to start taking orders quickly and accurately from the day they are hired. Up to 63 menu item keys, along with payments and discounts, can all be displayed on one screen maximizing the speed of service. Integrated credit cards and gift cards eliminate the need to use a separate system.  Payment transactions can achive 2-3 second authorization times.

Bar & Nightclub

POSfire excels in the Bar and Nightclub scene. POSfire minimizes the number of touches to ring in an order and start a tab which increases productivity and improves customer service. With the lightning quick POSfire Fast Bar Screen, the end result is a happy bartender, guest and ownership.


POSfire Delivery provides advanced functionality that allows delivery, carryout and call in orders to be entered, accessed, processed and delivered in the most efficient manner. Integrated Caller ID and suggested driver routing functions make delivery and pickup orders a snap.

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